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4 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Move

Are you seeing any of these four signs in your life as a homeowner? If so, it could be time to move.

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If you’ve been thinking about selling your home and moving to a new one, here are four signs that it’s a good idea.

1. You don’t have enough space. Maybe you had another child, someone moved in, or you got a new pet. If you look around and realize you simply need more room, this is a big indicator that it’s time to move.

2. Your home is too big. Maybe you have the opposite problem and have too much space. You’ve realized the mortgage payments are a bit more than you’re comfortable paying, and luckily, you have a way out: finding a smaller home.

3. You started a new business. Getting equity out of your home is a great way to pay for your business expenses.

4. You were promoted. Now that you have more money, you can probably afford a bigger house!

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