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Why You Shouldn’t List Your Home at Too High of a Price

Pricing your home too high can create more problems than it’s worth. Let’s see why.

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Everyone thinks you get more money by pricing your home higher. Actually, that’s not true; the market dictates what the price of your home is going to be. Here’s why you should always avoid this misstep in pricing your home:

1. Your home may end up selling for less. The property will sit on the market, people won’t look at it, and you won’t see any offers. By the time someone eventually looks at it, you have likely made price adjustments, or they figure they can make a lower offer because it’s been listed unsuccessfully for so long.


Don’t introduce a stressful situation to your life.


2. Pricing at or slightly below market value will make a quick sale. This is especially important for those who are eager to move into a new home. Pricing at market value (or lower) will prevent a long wait, allowing you to move on quickly. It actually saves you more time and more money by doing so.

3. Correct pricing will reduce your stress. You won’t have the unneeded burden of waiting endlessly for a buyer or the worry of whether or not your home will even sell. At the end of the day, we’re making a move to improve our emotions, whether it’s from a better job, growing family, etc. Don’t introduce a stressful situation to your life.

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