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For my Vegan friends, from Executive Assistant Jazzi San Francisco is Heaven on Earth for Vegans

My name is Jazzi, I am BRAND new to San Francisco. My husband & I moved in here in December 2018, when I started working for The Poulsen Group. One of the things I was most excited for, besides working for David of course, was the food! Where I moved from, there was zero Vegan Restaurants, and only a few places even had vegan options. But I knew San Francisco would have a lot more to offer, and I was right! Below are my Top 3 favorite places to eat Vegan in this beautiful city! I hope you enjoy eating your way through San Francisco!

1: Gracias Madre | | 2211 Mission St | 4/5 stars on Yelp

This is the first all vegan restaurant I have ever been to! Located in the heart of the Mission District, not only is the restaurant amazing, but it has all the feels of the heart of San Francisco. Majority of the seating is communal, which means you might share a table with complete strangers. I was immediately in love after I found that out. I love the idea of sharing a meal and meeting new people. But there is also more private seating for my more shy types. The food is Mexican, there’s probably a more accurate description, but I’m a newb so, oh well. Great for date night, or dinner with friends! My husband, who is not vegan said, and I quote, “If you cooked like this, I’d be vegan!” I decided to ignore the underlying insult and just take it for how delicious the food is.

2: Shizen Vegan sushi bar & izakaya | | 370 14th St | 4.5/5 stars on Yelp

My husband took me here for my birthday last year, and I was quite impressed. First of all, you’re greeted by a line outside the door & down the block if you don’t get there about 20+ minutes before opening. Inside it is so beautiful, definitely a more modern Asian atmosphere. There is wood and real plants at every glance, making the small space feel lively. The food was good, honestly I’m miss “real sushi”, but I was surprised at how much this place had to offer and how delicious the rolls were. I was hooked on the pot stickers! It’s pricey, better for a special occasion than your weekly sushi spot. But worth the price and wait in line.

3: VeganBurg | | 1466 Haight St | 4/5 stars on Yelp

I am a burger & fries kind of lady, if I was stranded on a dessert island with one food choice, it would be this fabulous pairing. Being vegan, majority of the meatless patties are vegetarian, not vegan, and even when they are, they taste like vegetables/grains, not meat. When I have a burger, I want the hearty, savory flavor I used to get from beef, without the meat, of course. Well this place DID NOT disappoint. First of all Haight St is a great location, another very San Francisco type of feel. Inside, everything is bright and lively, lots of green, browns, and whites. What got me was the seating looks different across the entire restaurant, I’m a sucker for those kinds of things. There was a ton of options, the wait was no wait at all, and the Seaweed Fries…. moment of silence for this piece of paradise. WOW! Just wow! Once again, non-vegan husband approved!